About the Child Loss Center Inc.

The concept of the Child Loss Center Inc. originated in March 2019 after the founder, Yolanda Fountain Hardy, experienced a car accident, police negligence, and medical negligence on Christmas day 2018 that led to a missed miscarriage and residual surgery in February 2019.  Six months later, she experienced a second, extremely painful miscarriage via a blighted ovum due to poorer health related to the first child loss.  She was left with a post-pregnancy, post car accident, post-surgery, and post-miscarried body, an insurmountable amount of bills, feelings of isolation and anger, relational challenges, and limited support.

Dr. Fountain was astonished at the lack of medical focus provided to grieving parents, the challenges that family and friends had understanding the depths of child loss, and the lack of emotional, mental, physical, financial, and social resources provided.  In an effort to explore the needs and get support, Dr. Fountain’s company, Play Wellness LLC, partnered with the Georgia chapter of the Tears Foundation to offer a free expressive and experiential arts groups, which assisted five courageous grieving parents between June 2019 and May 2020 with working through experiences of child loss.  

It took nearly two years for Dr. Fountain to return to a sense of mental and physical normalcy after exploring and discovering a beautiful combination of holistic physical and mental health services.  Thus, the Child Loss Center Inc. was formed out of the desire to better honor, connect, and care for individuals who had experienced child loss via the best combination of wellness services.  The name of the center was purposefully chosen to encourage communities to openly speak about child loss via acknowledging the commonality and severity of its occurrence.  It also clearly lets grieving parents around the world know exactly who to turn to for help regarding child loss.  

In January 2020, the Child Loss Center Inc. was officially incorporated in the state of Georgia.  In March 2020, the center became a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing holistic care services to grieving parents and educating providers on grief and trauma-informed care practices to effectively work with this population.  Since that time, the Board of Directors has worked diligently to create a safe community for grieving parents to unite through the unbearable pain of child loss.

Board of Directors

Yolanda Fountain Hardy, Ph.D., LPC, RPT-S, ACS, NCC
President, Board of Directors
Play Wellness LLC
Claire Sandberg, M.D.
Vice President, Board of Directors
Nurture and Nourish Yoga
Patrice Fountain
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Patrice Properties LLC
Faith Vacation Services
Brenna Weaver, M.S., LPC
Secretary, Board of Directors
Lyneia Richardson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Secretary (Secondary), Board of Directors
Selah Mind.Body.Spirit
Kim Mossman, Ed.S., LICSW, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
Member, Board of Directors
Mossman Play Therapy Center

Child Loss Champions

We are currently seeking corporate sponsors (committed to annual giving) and community partners (committed to collaborating and sharing resources) dedicated to breaking the silence regarding child loss and helping us to help grieving parents.

Corporate Sponsors

Play Wellness LLC

Community Partners

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Georgia’s Department of Family and Child Services’ State of Hope project
The Tears Foundation – Georgia chapter
Nurture and Nourish Yoga